Our learning philosophy is action based. We practice case- and participatory learning - not traditional lecturing.

Lotte Langkilde, Director, REG X - The Danish Cluster Academy

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Welcome to the REG X Cluster Facilitator Training 2.0

The purpose of our training programme is to boost YOUR cluster initiative. During the 6 day programme we will take you through the core aspects of running a successful cluster initiative.


We have invited some of the world’s most experienced cluster practitioners to come and share their experiences with us.


We welcome cluster practitioners – both facilitators, representatives from companies, government and knowledge institutions. You may have a practical or theoretical background – it doesn’t matter – as long as you are a practitioner, eager to learn and share your own experiences and to be pushed out of your comfort zone.


You can choose between our two modules or enrol in both of them.


Action based learning

Our learning philosophy  is action-based. We practise case and participatory learning - not traditional lecturing, rather a performing theatre! We have no exams - only a dedicated participation and a comprehensive toolbox to take away.


For more information about our programme, our trainers and how to sign up, please visit www.regx.dk



In december 2011 REG X completed the first training course for cluster facilitators. Our evaluations and oral input provided an accurate picture of what occupies the Danish facilitators most. Therefore, we have tailored a new training programme for you that contains the best elements from the first round as well as new Danish cluster case studies developed by the world's leading universities. Our training programme gives you the opportunity to obtain the competencies required as a professional cluster facilitator and you will get practical tools and ideas to take home, which you can use in your daily work.